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Parent Notification of Instructional Materials

The York County School Board has adopted Policy IIAV to establish clear procedures for schools to (i) identify all instructional materials with sexually explicit content, (ii) ensure parental notification of any instructional materials with sexually explicit content, (iii) permit parents to review all instructional materials with sexually explicit content, and (iv) ensure alternative instructional materials, that do not include sexually explicit content, are provided in a non-punitive manner for any student whose parent so requests. The policy also defines sexually explicit content, as defined by the Code of Virginia Section 2.2-2827 and Section 18.2-390.

Parents/guardians are important partners in their student’s education. To support this, prior to the start of the academic year, schools will identify specific instructional materials that include sexually explicit content which may be used during the upcoming school year. If a teacher intends to use any instructional material that has been identified as containing sexually explicit content, the school will notify the parent/guardian at least 30 days in advance. Parents/guardians who would like to review the material can contact the student's school. Parents/guardians who would like their students to be given alternate materials should complete the Parent Request for Alternative Instructional Material form and return it to the classroom teacher at least one week in advance of the start of the original assignment.